MSI has about 80 employees worldwide. Of these, 60 are employed in Ruesselsheim which is the location of our headquarters and Warehouse/Logistic Center. Furthermore we have a subsidiary in Dubai.

In our headquarter are based the following departments

  • Business Development
  • Sales (additional sales department is located in Dubai)
  • Workshops (additional workshop is located in Dubai)
  • Controlling
  • Quality Management
  • Human Resources
  • Finance
  • IT

Founded in 1986, MSI operates in the repair and overhaul business for commercial aircraft operators, airlines and government customers. MSI offers repair and maintenance services for components and systems and provides spare parts and components as well as the supply of standard hardware.


MSI was founded in Germany in 1986. The idea was to deliver reliable and timely service - 24/7. Customer service and the relationship with it's clients is one of the core values of MSI and the reason for its success.

To better support local customer requirements in the Middle East, Africa and Asia, MSI established a branch office in Dubai, UAE, in 1998. MSI management decided to further expand its activities in that region in late 2005, when it added a EASA Part-145 repair & maintenance facility for electronic and avionics components. In 2008, FAA approval was added for this facility.

2004 saw the establishment of an authorized engine repair workshop at the Ruesselsheim site, given the strategic fit with the company's growth plans. In addition to in-house workshop repairs, MSI's capabilities include on-site repairs worldwide: from Ulan Bator in Mongolia to Pekan Baru in Indonesia, thus allowing customers the utmost flexibility.

In 2009, MSI has added the cargo-loading system (Airbus DS Airborne Solutions) repair capability to the Dubai workshop.

In 2011, the year of MSIs' 25th anniversary, the engine workshop, located in the headquarter, extended it's capacity and built up new capabilities in order to take into account the future growth prospect. As a result, MSI moved all stock items into a central warehouse / logistic center located in Ruesselsheim.

In the beginning of 2015, MSI inaugurated its Survival Equipment Workshop at its Ruesselsheim facility. Authorized by leading OEMs, we service/repair all constant-wear, infant and crew life vests for commercial and general aviation, including helicopters. The capability to service/repair life rafts, survival suits, survival kits, first aid kits and ELTs was added at the end of 2015. At the end of 2017 the Survival Shop extended it's capabilities with slides.

Our story of success still continues...


We offer a 24/7 AOG service in all of our facilities.

AOG hotline: +49 6142 9551 247
Engine Shop: +49 151 174 443 06

Dubai: +971 4 8085 301